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Movie Quotes: From Prada To Nada

Not all that glitters is gold, barbie.

You can hate this for what you think it is,
or you can love it, for what you know it can become.
- Bruno

Where would you go, if you have a choice?
- Nora

BrunoYou know sometimes you play a game,
even when you know you're gonna lose.
NoraOr sometimes you leave a game, 
even when you know you can win.

Just tell him. Just tell him how you feel, 
or else, you'll gonna end up regretting.
- Mary

I avoid relationships because I can't count on them.
- Nora

Are we ever gonna be cool?
- Mary

My heart is, and has always been yours. I love you.
- Nora's Boyfriend


  1. There's another quote from Nora

    Nora: I resist you not because of lack of love, but because I was afraid of losing myself in it.

  2. Hi, thanks for the additional.