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Movies Quotes: The Big Wedding

There's an old expression that marriage is like a phone call at the night. First comes a ring and then you wake up.

My wife Ellie and I were married for 20 years 
before we woke up, or fell asleep,
or whichever it was that ultimately led to a divorce, but we never stop loving each other.

How could we, after three beautiful children.
Jared, Lyla, and our adopted son, Alejandro.

We had built a home and a history and a family together and
asked off just as an evaporate with the stroke of a pen 
and some lawyers fees, at least I hope it doesn't 
- Don

I just took a little stroll to the village and 
it's just so amazing how little things have changed.
- Ellie

Father Moinighan: Relationships between consenting adults will remain
privately between themselves and the church, of course 
Alejandro: I guess we're going to hell then.
Father Moinighan: In God's good time, my son. I'm kidding.

Don: Piece of wedding advice kid, stay as single as long as you can.
Alejandro: Build it.
Don: Trust me, as long as you possibly can.

Oh, I thought my eyes deceived me but my ears spoke the truth
There are Griffin's in my humble church.
- Father Moinighan

She talks but her lips don't move.
- Madonna

Look, you have waited a long time for love and 
I could not forgive myself if I took that away from you.
- Nuria

Ellie: You know, you're right.
Father Moinighan: About what?
Ellie: There are different kinds of love.
Father Moinighan: Which one are you feeling now?
Ellie: All of them.

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